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Season 3, Episode 22 – Quagmire

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When a series of mysterious deaths and disappearances occur near a small town lake in Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, Agents Mulder & Scully investigate reports of a legendary prehistoric aquatic serpent in the mode of the Loch Ness Monster.

‘Are You Experienced’ – Jimi Hendrix; ‘I Can’t Figure You Out’ – Mister Wise; ‘I Can’t Figure You Out’ – Gin Blossoms; ‘Jerry Was A Race Car Driver’ – Primus; ‘People Are Strange’ – The Doors; ‘Saturday Night’ – The Misfits. All X-Files music by Mark Snow

What’s Out There For Quagmire? Unwelcome Commentary The Questing Beast

Season 3, Episode 21 – Avatar

Avatar 1Black Play Button [with black background] .33When Assistant Director Skinner wakes up in a hotel bed next to a murdered prostitute, Mulder & Scully join the investigation to prove their boss’ innocence.  As they unravel the threads of a conspiracy, Mulder also becomes convinced that Skinner has been haunted since his tour of duty in Vietnam by a haglike apparition known as a succubus.

Music: Avatar – The last Airbender – Theme song (EXTENDED VERSION); ‘Hail The Apocalypse’ – Avatar; ‘I See You’ – Leona Lewis (Theme from Avatar); ‘Sleep’ – Old Hag Syndrome. All X-Files music by Mark Snow

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* Special * ‘Oh No You Didn’t’ Podcast Interview with Shane Poole

Black Play Button [with black background] .33Here’s another special for you ‘Philes:
Shane from ‘Oh No You Didn’t’ interviewed Agent Angela, Agent M and Agent Shadow covering the episode “3”.
We hope you enjoy the episode and check out Shane’s show at: http://ohnoyoudidnt.podbean.com
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Twitter: cirenshane

Season 3, Episode 20 – Jose Chung’s ‘From Outer Space’

Black Play Button [with black background] .33Jose Chung's  'From Outer Space'

Flattered by the attention of one of her favorite authors, “nonfiction science-fiction” novelist Jose Chung, Agent Scully discusses a recent case in the Pacific Northwest in which two teenagers mysteriously vanished, only to reappear with conflicting stories of alien abduction.

Music: X-Files Theme (Main Title) [orchestral - from Barry] ; ‘Scully Likes Science’ [Ryan English and AV Club]; ‘Alien Abduction’ – Spore Galactic Adventures Music; ‘Creature With The Atom Brain’ – Roky Erickson; ‘Lord Kinbote’ – Dozic – Ogrefest 2012; ‘Men In Black’ – Frank Black; ‘Men In Black’ – Will Smith; ‘U.F.O. Abduction’ – Fezufo
All X-Files music by Mark Snow

What’s Out There For “Jose Chung’s ‘From Outer Space'”?

Six Degrees Of Separation

“I’ve Just Had a Little Alien Experience”

Special: Interview With Kevin Hale From inHALE*exHALE

In this special episode, Kevin Hale of inHALE*exHALE talks all things X-Files with all 4 X-Files Truth Agents.

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Season 3, Episode 19 – Hell Money

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When a young Chinese immigrant is found burned to death, Agents Mulder & Scully are assigned to the investigation of a series of murders in San Francisco’s Chinatown where a potentially lucrative lottery can literally cost participants an arm and a leg.

Music: Stryper – ‘The Abyss'; Black Sabbath – ‘Heaven And Hell’ ; Willis – ‘Hell-Money-O'; Hell Money – ‘Social Security’s Gone'; Stryper – ‘To Hell With The Devil'; Ojays – ‘For The Love Of Money'; Stryper – ‘In God We Trust’

All X-Files music by Mark Snow
What’s Out There For Hell Money?

The AV Club

The Daily Drew

Season 3, Episode 18 – Teso Dos Bichos

Teso Dos BichosBlack Play Button [with black background] .33

Members of an archaeological expedition in the Ecuadorian Highlands begin dying mysteriously after they forcibly remove the remains of an Amaru, a female shaman.  Agents Mulder & Scully investigate whether the string of baffling murders are part of the holy relic’s vengeful curse involving a jaguar spirit or simply the result of political terrorism.

‘Dead Cats, Dead Rats’ – The Doors; ‘Pet Sematary’ – The Ramones; ‘Raining Blood’ – Slayer; ‘Nine Lives’ – Def Leppard.

All X-Files music by Mark Snow

What’s Out There For Teso Dos Bichos?

Unwelcome Commentary

Some Things Are Better Left Buried


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