Episode 7 – Ghost in the Machine

The Case: Mulder’s former partner in the Violent Crimes Section enlists Mulder and Scully to help investigate the murder of Benjamin Drake, CEO of software company Eurisko. The investigation leads the agents to suspect the computer system running the Eurisko headquarters has developed full fledged artificial intelligence and the ability to kill. Click here to listen.

Web Report Featured Site: Aussie X-File Fans; Aussie X-Files Fans on Facebook

The Truth is Still Out There Featured Sites: F#&k the Future! Fight the Bee; IBG; X-Files 3 Project; Challengers Comics; X-Files News.com

Featured Music: “Standalone” by Ghost in the Machine; All X-Files music by Mark Snow

X-Files DNA Featured Music: “N M 156” by Queensryche

Listen to Snow TraX for this episode.


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