Episode 8 – Ice

The Case: The unexplained deaths of an arctic research team lead agents Mulder and Scully along with a small expedition party to Icy Cape, Alaska. Once inside the arctic research station, the group becomes trapped under the threat of an ancient terror in the form of an insidious parasite. Click here to listen.

Web Report Featured Site: Aurora; Agent Summer’s Blog

The Truth is Still Out There Featured Sites: LAX-Files Book Signing; The Truth is Out There Premiere; X-Files News.com

Special Thanks to: Re-opening the X-Files podcast; X-Phile on X-Files podcast; The Signal podcast

Featured Music: “Standalone” by Ghost in the Machine; “X-Files Theme (Paranormal Activity Mix)” by Dado; All X-Files music by Mark Snow

X-Files DNA Featured Music: “Extremis” by HAL

Listen to Snow TraX for this episode


One thought on “Episode 8 – Ice

  1. alright stop, we collaborated so listen
    xfiles truth is back with a brand new submission
    a podcast that you can listen to
    about an episode that i was scared to
    watch all by my lonely
    but i did, call me agent stoney
    i did my part and so did you yo
    now heres a review about that episode

    ice ice baby – du-du du du du dudu du…

    -Agent Stone

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