WXFT…Someone is Listening (Part 1)

As a special way of thanking our loyal fans, we are releasing a mythos for your listening enjoyment.

If you want a 3rd X-Files movie then take action! We did. We hijacked a local radio station and we’ll be playing non-stop X-Files related music until we get it! Click here to listen.

Featured music: “Materia Primorus [Truth Mix]” (Pilot end theme) by Mark Snow; “I Wanna Watch the X-Files in the Rain” (Deep Throat end theme) by DarkAngeles; “The Scully Song” (Squeeze end theme) by Eric D. Snider; “Mulder and Scully” (Conduit end theme) by Catatonia; “David Duchovny” (The Jersey Devil end theme) by Bree Sharp; “Standing in the Shadows” (Shadows end theme) by Dokken; “NM 156” (Ghost in the Machine end theme) by Queensryche; “Extremis” (Ice end theme) by Hal featuring Gillian Anderson; “High Roller” (Space end theme) by The Crystal Method; “Unmarked Helicopters” (Fallen Angel end theme) by Soul Coughing; “Promise” (Eve end theme) by Eve 6; “The X-Files Theme” (Fire end theme) by The Dust Brothers.


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