Episode 16 – E.B.E.

The Case: After Iraqi military shoot down an unidentified flying object, Mulder and Scully are drawn to investigate a truck traveling cross country that may hold the UFO’s occupant. When Mulder turns to Deep Throat for guidance, the source presents a lie hidden between two truths, leaving the two agents to trust no one. Click here to listen.

Web Report featured site: Unusual Heros: The Lone Gunmen Fanlisting

Out There featured sites: ExplodeyFiles; Snark’s Episode Guide; AV Club

The Truth Is Still Out There featured sites: Dragoncon Guest List; The Truth Is Out ThereAnnabeth Gish on ‘Bag of Bones’; Universal FB page; Gillian’s Message; Article with Frank Spotnitz; Radio Interview with Frank Spotnitz; IBG auction;  XF Musical live stream

Featured Music: “Theme from the X-Files” by Michael Chertock; “Standalone” by Ghost in the Machine; “X-Files Theme (paranormal activity mix)” by Dado; “Raptus” by Mark Snow; “Eyes of Truth” by Enigma; “Ocean Waves” by Sounds for Life; “EBE” by Sound Grenade; “Little Green Men” by Mark Snow; “Ebenezer Goode” by The Shamen; All X-Files Music by Mark Snow.

X-Files DNA Featured Music: “X-Files Main Theme (Remix)” by P.M. Dawn

Video courtesy of The X-Files Lexicon. For more information on this event, please check out “A Summit for Truth”


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