Episode 17 – Miracle Man

The Case: Mulder and Scully investigate a series of unexplained deaths that appear to be linked to a faith healer, Samuel Hartley. The miracle man muddied by the water of his faith admits his guilt of the murders and is arrested, but not before demonstrating his power to Mulder who begins experiencing visions of a young girl. Click here to listen.

Web Report featured site: The X-Files Compilation

Out There featured sites: X-Files Shrine; The Daily Drew; Musings of an X-Phile

The Truth is Still Out There featured sites:Sci-Fi Now’s list of greatest Sci-Fi shows & films‘Breaking Bad’ renewed for 5th season; “The Story of Luke”Robert Patrick in ‘Gangster Squad’; NOW Magazine’s Q&A: Lance Henriksen; WJBC’s “The many lives of actor Lance Hanricksen”‘The Joneses’ developed for ABC; Annabeth Gish in ‘Texas Killing Fields’;  ‘Texas Killing Fields’ at the Venice Film Festival; Rhode Island International Film FestivalWilliam B. Davis appearing at the Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show; Frank Spotnitz’s ‘Strike Back’ & series in developmentNeurofibromantosis Midwest; Meet & Greet with Gillian in Sydney #1; Meet & Greet with Gillian in Sydney #2

Featured Music: “Theme from the X-Files” by Michael Chertock; “Standalone” by Ghost in the Machine; “Raptus” by Mark Snow; “A Place in History” by Mark Snow; “Eyes of Truth” by Enigma; “Ocean Waves” by Sounds for Life; “It’s a Miracle” by Culture Club; “Miracle Man” by Hot Sprawl; “Miracle Man” by Cocosuma; “Miracle Man” by Sabre; “I Believe in Miracles” by Romones; “Waiting for the Miracle” by Leonard Cohen; “All I Need is a Miracle” by Mike and the Mechanics; “John the Revelator” by Curtis Stigers & The Forest Rangers; “Miracle Man” by Okasira001; All X-Files Music by Mark Snow.

X-Files DNA Featured Music: “Miracle Man” by Ozzy Osbourne


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