Episode 22 – Roland

The Case: When members of a propulsion research team are murdered, a mentally handicap janitor, Roland, seems to be the only suspect. Evidence of advanced theoretical work at the scene seems to rule out his involvement, until Mulder and Scully find a link between Roland and a now deceased member of the propulsion team who was cryogenically preserved. Listen here.

Web Report featured site: Snakey973’s Videos

Out There featured sites: Billie Doux; Dauntless Media; Media Freak

The Truth is Still Out There featured sites: Bryan Cranston in ‘Batman: Year One’; Mitch Pileggi to appear on ‘Dallas’; A.V. Club’s interview with William B. Davis; Lance Henrickson Joins ‘Phantom’ Vince Gilligan wins Best Writer In Cable; CC and GA in America Primetime; DigitalSpy names XF Third Scariest Show of all time; The Truth Is Out There screening in Seattle; GoldDerby interview with GA; Melinda McGraw to Guest Star on NCISHollywood AD autographed script.

Featured Music: “Primavera” by Ludovico Einaudi; “Standalone” by Ghost in the Machine; “Raptus” by Mark Snow; “Ramblin’ Roland” by Mark Snow; “Sweeper” by Mark Snow; “A Place in History” by Mark Snow; “Ocean Waves” by Sounds for Life; “Roland (at Eurockeennes 2005)” by Interpol; “Fuoco” by Roland Dyens; “Bennie and the Jets” by Elton John; “Crush on You” by The Jets; “80 Synthesizer Performance” by Roland Jupiter; “Nosferatu” by Paul Roland; All X-Files Music by Mark Snow

X-Files DNA Music: “Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner” by Warren Zevon


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