Special Episode – Season One Top 10 Shipper Moments

Agent Chelsea, our podcast’s shipper specialist, is joined by fellow shipper, Agent Summer to discuss the X-Files top shipper moments from the first season. Did your favorite moments make the cut? Tune in and find out! Listen here.

Featured Music: “I’ll Stand by You” by the Pretenders; “Scully to DC/Scully Meets Mulder” by Mark Snow; “Guardian Angel” by Mark Snow; “Reanimation” by Mark Snow; “JJ’s Diner” by Mark Snow; “A Gift” by Mark Snow; “The Martyr” by Mark Snow; “The End of the Crusade” by Mark Snow; “The Kiss” by Mark Snow; “Hidden Truths/Big Happening”; “Starspeak” by Mark Snow; “The Truth is Inside” by Mark Snow; “Dim Memories” by Mark Snow; “Home Again” by Mark Snow; “The Surgery” by Mark Snow; “Little Box of Sand” by Mark Snow; “Stung Kissin” by Mark Snow; “Waterson” by Mark Snow; “A Synopsis and Release” by Mark Snow; “The Tip” by Mark Snow; “Bones Theme (DJ Corporate Remix)” by The Crystal Method; “Quest for Swath” by Mark Snow

X-Files DNA: “X-Files (UNKLE Variation on a Theme Surrender Sounds Season #10)” by Mark Snow


4 thoughts on “Special Episode – Season One Top 10 Shipper Moments

  1. As a shipper, I wanted to thank you for this podcast. Having Agents Summer and Chelsea discuss the Top 10 moments together was a good idea. I also enjoyed listening to the montage of sound clips at the end. I hope you do this at the end of each season.

    • Thank you for the kind words, GrayGhost! Shippers love talking about special moments between Mulder and Scully, so it was a blast being able to spend a little time analyzing them. It’s something we hope to do as an annual special, and would certainly love to hear about some of your favorite moments too if you want to share!

      • My favorites are the M/S introduction scene from the “Pilot” and the scenes in “Beyond the Sea” and “Squeeze”. Another shipper moment from “Beyond the Sea” was Scully’s confrontation with Boggs in the jail. You can see how much she cares about Mulder when she threatens to throw the switch.

  2. Those are all great moments, GrayGhost! Season 1 is all about building a trust & friendship, and you can see that perfectly in all the moments you mentioned. Although we didn’t mention Scully threatening to throw the switch in the podcast, that’s another great moment too!!!

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