Episode 23 – The Erlenmeyer Flask

The Case: When prompted to investigate the drowning of a fugitive by Deep Throat, Agents Mulder and Scully find nothing unusual at first. At the insistence of the source, Mulder examines the case again despite Scully’s objections, he discovers possible evidence of experimentation with alien DNA. Listen here.

Web Report featured site: Eat the Corn

Out There featured sites:  Munchkyn ZoneDauntless MediaMusings of an X-Phile

The Truth is Still Out There featured sites: Nick Lea’s upcoming appearance; “Pizza Man” filming in Illinois’ Quad Cities; Cary Elwes’ “Elvis & Nixon”; “Bag of Bones” prequel; LAX-Files Auction; Starbase Indy; “The Truth is Out There” Seattle and Vancouver showings; Gillian Anderson on Miss Havisham’s Age; “Phantom” movie poster

Featured Music: “Ascolta” by Ludovico Einaudi; “Standalone” by Ghost in the Machine; “Raptus” by Mark Snow; “A Place in History” by Mark Snow;  “Ocean Waves” by Sounds for Life;  “The Truth” by DC Talk; “Shock the Monkey” by Peter Gabriel; “Schock Den Affen” by Peter Gabriel; “Snow Trax” by Mark Snow; All X-Files Music by Mark Snow.

X-Files DNA: “Aliens Exist” by Blink – 182


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