Season 2, Episode 1 – Little Green Men

The Case: The X-Files have been closed but, based on a tip from his contact in Congress, Mulder leaves his ‘white bread’ assignment to investigate possible alien contact received by a closed observatory in Arecibo, Puerto Rico…..but he’s not the only one heading there.

Click (((here))) to listen.

Web Report featured site: Geek Crash Course; NAIC; Arecibo Observatory

‘Out There’ featured sites: Musings of an X-Phile; AV Club;

‘The Truth is Still Out There’ featured sites: Frank Spotnitz’s ‘Nemesis’Interview with Ray Winstone and Gillian Anderson; The Guardian interview with GA; Sundance Festival; Breaking Bad Season 4; Writer’s Guild of America; Golden Globe nominations

Featured Music: ‘Fish Food’ by Mark Snow; ‘Dead Man’s Thoughts’ by Mark Snow;  ‘Little Green Men’ by NsaneNtheNbrane; ‘Mothership Connection (Star Child)’ by Parliament; ‘Lights Out’ by UFO; ‘UFO Abduction Music’ by fezufo; All X-Files Music by Mark Snow.

X-Files DNA Featured Music: ‘The Alien Song’ by Milla Jovovich


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