William B. Davis Trilogy – Part 1, The Book Review

Well everyone, the interview with Mr. Davis is over and we’ll be releasing it as a 3 part special.

Listen to Part 1 (((Here)))

This is a review of Mr. Davis’ book ‘Where There’s Smoke… Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man”, by Agents Chelsea and Stone, along with a review of the website www.williambdavis.com by Agent M.

Part 2 is the actual interview (the above post) and was released Feb 6th. All 5 X-Files Truth agents asked Mr. Davis questions, along with Matt Allair from X-Files Lexicon, plus many questions from email and other media sources.

Part 3 will be released soon after that and will consist of outtakes, music and extras.

Mr. Davis was a gracious guest adding insight and humor and he even gave us a bunch of audio clips designed especially for our X-Files Truth Podcast – you’ll love these! He also recorded a few lines for us to use as promos for his book. He answered tons of questions, running the gamut from games he played as a child to actors he worked with behind the scene to the question of an XF3 movie.


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