Season 2, Episode 4 – Sleepless

A Vietnam era military experiment has gone wrong and turned a sleep deprived ex-soldier into a murdering killer who must be stopped by the FBI before their own government stops them. Mulder is partnered with a young FBI agent, Alex Krycek, in the investigation of the mysterious deaths. An apartment dweller called emergency services to report a fire outside his door but firemen arrive to find no fire and the owner dead with a spent fire extinguisher nearby. Scully’s autopsy finds that the dead man’s internal physical condition resembles that of someone who has been in intense heat, even though there are no visible burn marks. A second death gives them a connection between both men as they had served together in the Marines in the early 1970s. They subsequently learn that a man by the name of Augustus Cole has somehow escaped from a high security facility and that, incredibly, hasn’t slept for 24 years. Mulder concludes that Cole is seeking revenge.

(((Listen Here)))

Web Report featured site(s): Tony Todd; Eschaton Films

‘Out There’ featured sites: Musings of an X-Phile; Daily Drew

‘The Truth is Still Out There’ featured sites: Billy Connolly in ‘The Hobbit’; David Duchovny talks about Zaiman King; David Duchovny talks Californication; Californication renewed for 6th season; ‘Goats’ gets their Northern American rights; Gillian Anderson in ‘The Fall’; Gillian Anderson ‘Defiance’; GA entertains royalty; Clip of “Sister’ with GA; Robert Patrick talks about ‘Safe House’; Vince Gilligan gets a new deal with Sony Pictures TV;  X-Philanthropy Auction Round One; X-Philanthrophy Website

Featured Music: ‘Sleepless’ – Until June,  ‘Sleepless’ –  Feint, ‘Sleepless’ – QBIG, ‘Sleepless’ – Eric Saade,  X-Files DNA End Theme – X-Files 2009 (Dream Dance Alliance Remix) Mike Nero,  Easter Egg – ‘Paranoimia (feat. Max Headroom)’ – Art Of Noise, Claudio Simonetti – THE X FILES THEME


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