William B. Davis Trilogy, Part III – Outtakes, Feedback, Contest Winner, Music etc.


Here’s what we have in store for our finale for the William B. Davis Trilogy:
Comments from friends and fans:
What Mr. Davis’ colleges had to say about the book
and what fans have to say about him.

All kinds including an MP3

Book contest winner:
Chelsea announces the winner of the free book.

X-Files DNA:
WBD Part 3 music:
Truth in Passing [Steve Roach], Between Changing Gloom [Vidna Obmana],
X-Files Main Theme 800% Slower [Mark Snow], Dreamland – The Imposter,

Release – A Synopsis & Release,  Release –  The Tip
The Tachyon Directive (From Ixlandia) [John Serrie],
XDNA: Witch Hunt [Rush]

Outtakes with music:
We had a lot of people join us before and after the interview in the chat room and on the phone, as well as live tweets to Chelsea. You’ll hear us talking a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ stuff about some issues some people had trying to join in, cookies, love and a lot of joking around.
Some of our guests include Salome from ‘Musing of an X-Phile‘ on the phone,
Roxane from ‘X-Files Memories‘, also thanks to Matt Allair from ‘X-Files Lexicon
for the interview questions during part 2.


2 thoughts on “William B. Davis Trilogy, Part III – Outtakes, Feedback, Contest Winner, Music etc.

  1. I was hoping to hear more of your discussion after your interview, but this seemed to be nothing more than a string of clips. Didn’t you guys talk about interviewing CSM?

    • we did a little bit, but most of it was just asking each other how we did and what our favorite part was – not that interesting.
      maybe i’ll go back and take those comments and play them in the future, but like i said, no very much and not very interesting.
      plus when we advertised the out-takes, we didn’t know exactly what audio we would have, cuz we hadn’t interviewed him yet.
      so it wound up that the talking you heard was the most interesting [to us at least] – sorry.

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