Season 2, Episode 5 – Duane Barry


 (((Listen Here)))

Marion, Virginia native and former F.B.I. agent Duane Barry takes several people hostage and claims to be a victim of alien abduction and experimentation…but could Agent Scully be the next abductee?

Web Report featured site(s): Steve Railsback Official Website; Steve Railsback IMBD page

‘Out There’ featured sites: IMadeThisCC; The TV Obsessed;

‘The Truth is Still Out There’ featured sites: Adpot Films US Rights for ‘Sister’; HeckYes05’s YouTube Channel; GA at London Film and Comic Con; X-Philanthropy Round 2; Broadcasting Press Guild’s nominations; Chris Carter signs with CCA

Featured Music:

Duane Barry [DJ] – Soft Light (Original mix), Duane Barry [DJ] – Soft Light (East Cafe Remix), Duane Barry [DJ] – Soft Light (Phrakture Remix), Suicidal Tendencies – ‘Institutionalized’

X-Files DNA:

Duane Barry [DJ] – Soft Light (Karton Remix)


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