Season 2, Episode 6 – Ascension

(((Listen Here)))

Agent Mulder pursues Duane Barry in a desperate search for the missing Agent Scully; but was her disappearance the work of a madman or a government conspiracy?

Web Report featured site(s): Inside The X; The X-Files Timeline

‘Out There’ featured sites: My X-Files Truth; Musings of an X-Phile

‘The Truth is Still Out There’ featured sites: Wizard World Comic Con; Haunted Promotional Pictures;’s List of TV’s Strongest Women; X-CON Survey; John Doggett Birthday project; Annabeth Gish in ‘Americana’; Calgary Expo; Fan Expo Canada

Featured Music:

‘Revealing the Secret – Ascension of Shadows’ – Vidna Obmana and Asmus Tietchens,  ‘Haze (Duane Barry Remix)’ – Mikas,   ‘Ascension’ –  Kirlian Camera, ‘Ascension’ – Mike Oldfield, ‘Ascension (Odonata, 2000)’ – Amethystium, ‘The X-Files Theme’ – Claudio Simonetti

X-Files DNA:

‘Red Right Hand’ – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

“Unscripted” interview with Steve Railsback


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