Season 2, Episode 8 – One Breath

(((Listen Here)))

In Washington, D.C., Agent Scully is returned from her abduction and is found alive but in a state of coma and Agent Mulder must fight to save her life & try to reveal the governments most explosive secrets.

Web Report featured site(s): Steven Williams IMDB; The X-Files DVD Screen Grabs Archive

‘Out There’ featured sites: Autumn Tysko’s Review;; RJNeb2’s Comment from

‘The Truth is Still Out There’ featured sites: The Tall Man; CNN interviews Amanda Peet; Frank Spotnitz to attend European TV DRAMA Series Lab 2012 in Berlin; Stylist’s 25 Kick-Ass TV Heroines; Aussie XF Fan Fundraiser; Huffington Post’s TV’s Most Memorable Male Detectives

Featured Music:

Jeremy Carr – ‘Just One Breath’; Robb Nash – ‘One Last Breath’ ; Abandon All Ships – ‘Take One Last Breath’; Buckethead – ‘Coma’; Creed – ‘One Last Breath’; Adam Gregory – ‘One Breath’; Kenny G – ‘One Breath’; Sasha – ‘Coma; all X-Files Music by Mark Snow

X-Files DNA:

You Tube song/video – ‘One Breath’ [Dream House mix]
Easter egg 1 – The Smiths – ‘Girlfriend In A Coma’
Easter egg 2 – Jerry Goldsmith – ‘Disco Love Theme’ from ‘Coma’


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