Season 2, Episode 9 – Firewalker

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In Mount Avalon, Washington, Mulder & Scully investigate the death of a scientist inside the hottest place on Earth and stumble upon a terror beyond imagination: a deadly life form inside an active volcano!

Web Report featured site(s): Smith and Pyle; Shawnee Smith IMDB; Shawnee Smith Wikipedia

‘Out There’ featured sites: Musings of an X-Phile; Review Stream; Eye of Polyphemus

‘The Truth is Still Out There’ featured sites: FOX’s 25th Anniversary Special; Frank Spotnitz addresses XF3 on Big Light; Parade’s interview with GA; GoldDerby’s interview with GA; ScreenDaily interviews Frank Spotnitz; ShinyShiny on ‘Breaking Bad’; SA-YES tshirt auction; Huffington Post discusses FOX’s 25th Anniversary Special

Featured Music:
’21 Jump Street’ – Liam Sternberg
‘Fire’ – Arthur Brown
‘Fire (Walker N Daniels Remix)’ – Sunloverz, Featuring Rosette
‘Fire Walker (Remix)’ – Wikum
‘Fire walker beat’ – (Youtube)
‘Firewalker’ – City of Treason
‘Firewalker’ – Fruit
Firewalker Soundtrack End Credits (Gary Chang 1986)
‘Heartshaped Abyss’ – Moonspell

X-Files DNA:
End Theme – Firewalker – ‘X-Files theme (DJ Klÿpsche Mix)’

Easter Eggs:
‘I’m Going to a Seder – Passover Pesach’ – The Shlomones
‘Feelin’ So fly’ – Toby Mac
‘Rock for the King’ – Barren Cross
‘The Messiah’ – Bloodgood
‘Happy Easter Charlie Brown’ – Charles Schultz

All X-Files Music by Mark Snow



2 thoughts on “Season 2, Episode 9 – Firewalker

  1. Really enjoy your podcasts. Great info on the X-Files. Did want to bring one concern to your attention, though. I’m not sure what the rationale is behind the use of so much music at the end of the podcast, but personally don’t think it’s needed. I like the clips over music, but you’d be just fine without anything more. With limited memory on my old computer, I’d really prefer to use the space for something else. Maybe I’m the only one with this issue, but thought I’d bring it to your attention anyway. You’ve got a solid podcast & I’d hate to not be able to download it because of the extra stuff.


    • I put bonus content at the end of every show. The shows are already an hour long and I usually only put 1 bonus song or interview at the end.
      This week I put a bunch, as a kind of Easter present. Sorry if it took up too much space. I like to give listeners “extras”. I figure if you listen for an hour then you’re a fan anyway and you would like more.

      Once you hear the “I made this… 20th Century Fox” thing, then the show is over and you can stop listening.

      To save space you can listen to show right from our main page – the (((Listen Here))) link on each episode. There’s no download so it wont take up any space.

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