Season 2, Episode 10 – Red Museum

In Delta Glen, Wisconsin, an experiment on local teenagers is taking place. Is it the work of the government, extraterrestrials, or is it a possible connection with a rural, religious cult?

Web Report featured site(s): X-Files UniversePaul Sand’s IMDB

‘Out There’ featured sites: Critical Myth; The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Film and Television; Unwelcome Commentary

‘The Truth is Still Out There’ featured sites: Frank Spotnitz’ ‘Hunted’ gets Home Entertainment deal; GA’s auction for set visit to ‘The Fall’; ‘Phantom’ FB page; CC’s show ‘Unique’ will not be moving forward; The X-Files Musical on YouTube; Fox’s 25th Anniversary Special

Featured Music:
Standalone by Ghost in the Machine; all XF music by Mark Snow; ‘Already over’ – Red; ‘Falling Down’  [Muse Cover] Red Museum; ‘Moon Rocks From Mars’ – Red Museum; ‘Opening Theme – Picket Fences’ [1995] Stewart Levin; ‘Red Barchetta’ – Rush; ‘Red Museum’ – Idiot Pilot; ‘The Red Cave’ – Robyn Miller

X-Files DNA:

X-Files Theme (Grimblee Remix)


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