Season 2, Episode 12 – Aubrey

When the body of a long dead FBI agent is found, Mulder & Scully are called into Aubrey, Missouri and end up  investigating the possibility of genetic transferring of  personality from one generation to another in connection  with a serial killer.

Out There sites: Munchkyn; Unwelcome Commentary;’s Reopening The X-Files blog

Web Report sites:

The Truth Is Still Out There sites:  TV-to-Film AdaptationsStars talk about their MomsDavid Duchovny “Phantom” Interview“Phantom” Trailer;  Carey Elwes in “Leverage”“Talking Dead” renewed;Ology’s Most Far Out Show“Gangster Squad” Info“Argo” Trailer“Hell on Wheels” rides into Season 2“Great Expectations” on Blu-ray“Shadow Dancer” UK & Ireland PremierGillian Anderson’s Birthday ProjectNational Doodle Day

Featured Music: Standalone by Ghost in the Machine; “The Truth” by DC Talk;

‘Look At Little Sister’ – Stevie Ray Vaughn, ‘Little Sister’ – Queens of the Stone Age, ‘Aubrey’ – Bread, ‘Automatic’ – Aubrey O’Day, ‘Brother’ – Peal Jam, ‘Cry Little Sister’ – Aiden, ‘Little Sister’ – Elvis, ‘Sister’ – The Nixons, ‘Sister’ – The Black Keys. All X-Files music by Mark Snow

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