WXFT Part 3

The X-Files Truth Agents have taken over radio station WXFT and won’t stop playing X-Files related music until 20th Century Fox makes a 3rd X-Files movie… and there’s been a development.

If you want to hear all the music we used for the end themes for the 1st half of season 2, then you will love this episode.

(((Listen to Part 3 here)))

X2.01 Little Green Men – End Theme – ‘The Alien Song’ – Milla Jojovich
X2.02 The Host – End Theme – ‘The X-Files Theme’ – Performed by the Space Heroes Orchestra
X2.03 Blood – End Theme –  ‘X-Files’ (DJ C-MexX Remix)
X2.04 Sleepless – End Theme – ‘X-Files 2009 (Dream Dance Alliance Remix)’ Mike Nero
X2.05 Duane Barry – End Theme – ‘Soft Light (Karton Remix)’ Duane Barry [DJ]
X2.06 Ascension – End Theme – ‘Red Right Hand’ – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
X2.07 ‘3’ – End theme – ‘The X-Files Main Theme’ – Claudio Simonetti
X2.08 One Breath – End Theme – ‘One Breath [Dream House mix]’
X2.09 Firewalker – End Theme – ‘X-Files Theme (DJ Klÿpsche Mix)’
X2.10 Red Museum – End Theme – ‘X Files Theme (Grimblee Remix)’
X2.11 Excelsius Dei – End Theme – ‘X-Files (hard trance remix)’ – Dj Panama
X2.12 Aubrey – End Theme – ‘X-Files Theme’ (Aleksandr Ivanov Interstellar Remix)
X2.13 Irresistible – End Theme – ‘X-files 128Bpm Techno Remix’ – Magical Mix Masters

Listen to the previous episodes here:

(((Part 2)))

(((Part 1)))


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