Season 2, Episode 16 – Colony

The search for a morphing alien Bounty Hunter responsible for the deaths of extraterrestrial clones sent to colonize Earth is interrupted when Mulder is contacted by his father, who tells him that his abducted sister, Samantha, has finally returned home.

Web Report:

Out There: I Made This Chris Carter; Munchkyn; Daily Drew

TTISOT: New Promo Photo for The Tall ManPhotos of Mitch Pileggi on DallasDallas Truth and Consequences Recap;Breaking Bad VideoGillian Anderson’s interview with VoyagerGillian Anderson photos from VoyagerGillian Anderson filming The FallNew Trailer for GoatsMorning Show Interview with Robert Patrick

Music: ‘Clones’ – Ash; ‘Clones (We’re All)’ – Alice Cooper; ‘Colony’ – In Flames; ‘Colony’ – Joy Division; ‘Colony Collapse’ – Filastine; ‘Colony Collapse’ – Killing Joke; ‘I Think I’m A Clone Now’ – Wierd Al Yankovic; ‘The Hunter’ – Danzig; “Come Home” by One Republic; “Teotihuacan” by Noel Gallagher; All X-Files music by Mark Snow

End Theme  – ‘X-File (Children Remix)’

XDNA Background music – ‘The X-Files Theme’ – DJ Dado, Mike Olfield, Triple X (Dance version)


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