Season 2, Episode 17 – End Game

When the shapeshifting Bounty Hunter takes Scully hostage in exchange for Mulder’s sister (actually a clone), the agent tracks his nemesis to a surfaced submarine at the Arctic Circle to learn the whereabouts of the real Samantha and engage the extraterrestrial in a final confrontation.

Out There: Agent Summer’s Blog; The TV Obsessed

Music: Thomas Dolby – ‘One Of Our Submarines’; Dark Captain – ‘Submarines” ; The Black Keys – ‘Little Black Submarines’; The Drums – ‘Submarine’; 5xL Beats – ‘End Game’; Megadeth – ‘Endgame’; Rise Against – ‘Endgame’; Megadeath – “Dialectic Chaos“; All X-Files music by Mark Snow
End Theme: ‘The X-Files Theme’ Triple X (Dance version) – DJ Dado and Mike Olfield,

X-DNA Background music: ‘X Files 2009’ [Mike Nero]


One thought on “Season 2, Episode 17 – End Game

  1. I definitely agree with Agent Shadow. End Game rates a 10. The scene of Mulder finding the submarine on the ice is incredible. Probably the most iconic scene in the whole XF series.

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