Season 2, Episode 22 – F. Emasculata

F. Emasculata Blue Play Button .33While pursuing two escaped convicts, Agents Mulder & Scully discover a highly contagious and deadly disease which has infected some of the prison population and, quite possibly, the escapees as well, escalating the risk of a nationwide outbreak.

Out There: I Made This Chris Carter; Musings Of An X-Phile

Featured Music: AC DC – ‘Jailbreak’; F Emasculata – ‘Z-15’; HammerFall – ‘Patient Zero’; Thin Lizzy – ‘Jailbreak’; All X-Files music by Mark Snow.

XDNA background music – ‘X-Files Theme’ – Robert Miles

End Theme – ‘X-Files Theme [The Cigarette Smoking Man Mix]’ (unknown artist)

Here’s a great list of influences on X-Files episodes by Kimon over at ‘Eat the corn’:

Story and visual influences on the X-Files is up at


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