Season 3, Episode 7 – The Walk

The WalkBlack Play Button [with black background] .33

Another failed suicide attempt by a patient at a military hospital piques Mulder’s interest with the talk of a “phantom solider” who can walk where no man can walk, sees the Gulf War veterans no matter where they hide, and seems to know all their secrets.

‘Cloudwalker II’ – Biosphere; ‘Mindwalking’ – Telomere; ‘The Walk ‘ – Imogen Heap; ‘The Walk’ – The Cure; ‘Walk’ – Foo Fighters; ‘Walk’ – Pantera
All X-Files music by Mark Snow

Happy Independence Day!


One thought on “Season 3, Episode 7 – The Walk

  1. Hello Agents,

    Enjoyable podcast as always; I found Stone’s segment on “false flag tactics” and the current info wars especially interesting. I’ll have to check out “ The Men Who Stare at Goats”–haven’t gotten around to seeing it yet. Ironically, I just finished watching “Identity Thief,” in which Robert Patrick also has a role.

    That’s cool to hear from another X-Phile all the way from Ireland. Agent Barry, it sounds like you are indeed overdue for a re-watch! And I concur about the VHS tapes back in the day; you could fit about four of most TV shows on one of them. With some tapes, you could also fit three movies on one if the movies were somewhat on the shorter side.

    Anyway, The Walk’s an okay Monster of the Week episode. I’ve always found the teaser a bit skin-crawling to watch because it kind of reminds me of another victim-in-scalding-water scene found in the late ‘70s Halloween II movie.

    I hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th of July!

    Until next time,
    Agent Angela

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