Season 3, Episode 11 – Revelations

RevelationsMulder & Scully track an assassin responsible for a series of religiously motivated murders in which each of the victims displayed inexplicable wounds similar to the crucified Christ.
Black Play Button [with black background] .33Music: ‘Its the End of the World’ – R.E.M.; ‘Revelations’ – Iron Maiden; ‘Stigmata’ – Сентябрь (September); ‘Your Guardian Angel’ – The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus; ‘Guardian Angel’ – Tyler James Williams; ‘Back in the Hood’ – Mark Snow; ‘Hypothermia’ – Mark Snow; ‘Alta’ – Mark Snow; ‘Scully’s Discovery/Mulder’s E-Mail Message/Skinner Helps Scully’ – Mark Snow; ‘Yappi’ – Mark Snow; All X-Files music by Mark Snow

What’s Out There for Revelations?

Signs from Heaven

Unwelcome Commentary


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