Season 3, Episode 12 – War of the Coprophages

War of the CoprophagesBlack Play Button [with black background] .33

While waiting out the fumigation of his apartment complex, Mulder investigates reports of UFO activity in a small Massachusetts town and discovers that killer mechanized cocroaches from outer space may be responsible for several recent deaths.

‘Bricks’ – Mark Snow; ‘A Gift’ – Mark Snow; ‘X-Files’ – UNKLE (Variation On a Theme); ‘Arguru’ – Deadmau5; ‘Home Again’ – Mark Snow; ‘The Time of Your Life’ – Randy Newman [A Bugs Life Soundtrack]; ‘Cockroach King’ – Haken; ‘Enter The Line’ – BuG; ‘Herbie The Love Bug Theme’ – George Bruns; ‘King Cockroach’ – Chick Corea Elektric Band; ‘Mechanical Soul’ – Bug; ‘Mr Right and Steve’ – Tracy Ate a Bug; ‘Pasing Clouds’ Steve Bug; ‘She’s The One’ – The Cockroaches; ‘Them’ – The Misfits
All X-Files music by Mark Snow

What’s Out There For War of the Coprophages?

The Daily Drew

My Truth: An X-Files Blog


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