Season 3, Episode 17 – ‘Pusher’

PusherBlack Play Button [with black background] .33

Mulder & Scully become involved in a case in which the apprehended suspect, a rejected candidate for the FBI Academy, has apparently murderd more than a dozen people with the unique ability to control their minds.  Deeply sunk in his fantasy of being a masterless Japanese samurai, the killer escapes and leaves clues for Mulder, whom he considers a “worthy opponent”.

‘Blaze Of Glory’ – Bon Jovi; ‘I’m Your Pusher’ – Ice T; ‘Push It’ – Salt ‘n Peppa; ‘Pusherman’ – Curtis Mayfield; ‘The Pusher’ – Steppenwolf;
All X-Files music by Mark Snow
What’s Out There For “Pusher”?

The A.V. Club

Mind Games


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