Season 3, Episode 18 – Teso Dos Bichos

Teso Dos BichosBlack Play Button [with black background] .33

Members of an archaeological expedition in the Ecuadorian Highlands begin dying mysteriously after they forcibly remove the remains of an Amaru, a female shaman.  Agents Mulder & Scully investigate whether the string of baffling murders are part of the holy relic’s vengeful curse involving a jaguar spirit or simply the result of political terrorism.

‘Dead Cats, Dead Rats’ – The Doors; ‘Pet Sematary’ – The Ramones; ‘Raining Blood’ – Slayer; ‘Nine Lives’ – Def Leppard.

All X-Files music by Mark Snow

What’s Out There For Teso Dos Bichos?

Unwelcome Commentary

Some Things Are Better Left Buried


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