Season 4, Episode 1 – Herrenvolk

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Agent Mulder and shapeshifting alien clone Jeremiah Smith are pursued by the icepick-wielding alien Bounty Hunter to a Canadian farm where Mulder glimpses “The Prjoect” and Scully discovers the real purpose of Smith’s work at the Social Security Administration.

Music: ‘How Soon Is Now’ – The Smiths (Extended version); ‘Drink from the Rainbow’ – Jeremiah Smith Band; ‘Fara I Viking’ – Herrenvolk; ‘Do the Honey Bee!’ – Max Lanman, James Lanman, and Connor Lanman.

All X-Files music by Mark Snow.

What’s Out There For Herrenvolk?

Herrenvolk episode review on The Daily Drew

Herrenvolk on Apt. 42 Revisited


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