Season 4, Episode 2 – Home

PDVD_000Black Play Button [with black background] .33In the bucolic small town of Home, Pennsylvania, agents Mulder & Scully discover evidence of infanticide committed by the reclusive Peacock family; inbred hillbillies and genetic mutants determined to perpetuate their line.

‘Coming Home’ (Ambient Mix) – Reasoner; ‘Home’ – Depeche Mode; ‘Home Sweet Home’ – Mötley Crüe; ‘My Home’ [Christian Industrial Metal] – Kirche Gothika; ‘On My Way Back Home’ – Band of Horses; ‘The Evil House’ – Malchus (Christian Metal). All X-Files music by Mark Snow
What’s Out There For Home? “There’s Something Rotten in MayBerry” on Musings of an XPhile “Home” on “The Review is Out There”


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