Season 4, Episode 6 – Sanguinarium


Agents Mulder & Scully investigate a series of bizarre murders at a Chicago cosmetic surgery clinic after a doctor claims he was a victim of demonic possession.

Black Play Button [with black background] .33Music: ‘180’ – Living Sacrifice;  ‘Black Magic’ – Slayer;  ‘Blood Sacrifice’ – Mortification;  ‘Welcome Home (Sanitarium)’ – Metallica; ‘Witchcraft’ – Frank Sinatra; ‘Witchy Woman’ – The Eagles.

All X-Files music by Mark Snow

What’s Out There For Sanguinarium?

Sanguinarium on The Unwelcome Commentary Blog

Sanguinarium on Apt 42 Revisited

Can You Really Go “Home” Again?

JEDI Strike Force Easter egg:

Jedi icon 


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