"The following podcast is based on actual X-Files cases." Email: XFilesTruth@live.com


The following podcast is based on actual X-Files cases…

The X-Files have been closed. All files have been locked away in the Pentagon vault.  I’ve secretly been given access to these files. This is “X-Files Truth”.

With unrestricted access, Agent Shadow gives listeners detailed reports of information contained within the X-Files. Each podcast features a new case, detailing unexplained phenomena, government cover-ups, and the investigations of Agents Mulder and Scully. In “X-Files DNA” Agent Shadow uses his expertise in audible forensics to present music related to the X-Files or the featured episode.

Providing insight into the relationship and personalities of the X-Files agents is Agent Angela.  As a shipper specialist, she digs deep into the psychology of Mulder and Scully to provide a better understanding of their motivations, interaction on the cases, and overall partnership giving her take in the “Chemistry Lab”.  Using her high clearance level, Agent Angela also gathers intelligence from other sources on the segment “Out There”.

With news of possible leaks in the classified documents, Agent Summer searches for websites containing the restricted X-Files information to keep the government from closing them down. Each podcast will feature a report on one such website in the “X-Files Web Report”.

In “Counter-Intelligence”, Agent Stone works to debunk the debunkers, defending the work of Mulder and Scully. He guides listeners with his take on the case and provides details of necessary background information. Generally thought of as the best analyst on the X-Files Truth team, Agent Stone uses this proficiency in the “Character Profiles”. From time to time, he also provides the latest on new X-Files gear in the “Stone Gunman Report”.

We also keep you current on the whereabouts of those associated with the X-Files in “The Truth is Still Out There”. Guided by Agents Chelsea and Summer, the segment gives updates on the latest roles and projects of X-File alumni, X-Files charity events and gatherings, as well as any information on a possible forthcoming movie.

***Disclaimer: The X-Files, its characters, & episodes are property of Ten-Thirteen Productions and Twentieth Century Fox Television.  This site, its contents, & associated podcast are produced with no financial gains to its producers,  and has no association with Ten-Thirteen Productions, Twentieth Century Fox Television, or it’s affiliates.  No copyright is intended.***


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