"The following podcast is based on actual X-Files cases." Email: XFilesTruth@live.com

Agent Chelsea’s Video Page

Get to know the X-Files Truth Agents by watching their favorite videos here.

Not exclusively X-Files related… but everything is connected.

One of my favorite videos for the show because it’s one of my favorite episodes paired with one of my favorite songs. ❤

Yea…..so I’m the shipper of the group…You’ll probably see a lot of these here…

I’m from LA….and yes, this is very much my life. Well…some of it.

This is from one of my favorite YouTube vidders. She talks about Feminist Issues in Pop Culture. Two subjects I’m VERY into. Also fun….Scully makes an appearance in this video! Super interesting…..

Love this song right now. 🙂



One response

  1. Agent M

    I like that badge, I need to make me one!!

    February 5, 2012 at 12:07 AM

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