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Thanks for stopping by Agent Summer’s Page! Whatever your interest in the web surfing, X-Files current events guru, and web slinging female agent, I hope you’ll grab a coffee (I recommend a white chocolate mocha) and stay a while. If there’s something else you’re curious about, post a comment below.

So…what don’t you know about me that you’d like to? I’m actually a private and rather shy person (yes, doing the podcast really was outside my comfort zone) who enjoys photography, travel, music, and can’t go to a pet adoption day for fear of bring home yet another dog.

My latest music tastes include Adele, Pink, Norah Jones, OneRepublic, Within Temptation, Evanescence, Jason Mraz, and Sara Bareilles, but I listen to a variety of music from Classical, New Age, and movie soundtracks to Heavy Metal. I also enjoy some Lady Gaga, so this video is perfect since it also brings in my love for the X-Files, showing how often Scully and Mulder called each other in the series.

Another musical group I enjoy are the Barenaked Ladies. How can one not enjoy a group that adds the lyrics “Watching X-Files with no lights on. We’re dans la mason. I hope the Smokey Man’s in this one.” as they did in the song “One Week”? So, I was excited to see the one and only David Duchovny joined the Barenaked Ladies in this video. Shake it, David!

Unlike some fans of the X-Files, I am a huge advocate for Doggett and Reyes. While I know Mulder and Scully are and probably will always be considered the heart and soul of the X-Files, I would have been okay with the two new agents continuing on. The story lines were just starting and needed time to develop a little more. Think of it this way…many fans site the best X-Files episodes were in season 3, so seasons 8 and 9 compare nicely with the first two of the series, building that base for some great episodes to follow. Wished that chance would have been given to Robert Patrick & Annabeth Gish to show us that potential!  In honor of Doggett and Reyes, here’s a great video by Sophie B. Hawkins (an artist I also enjoy).

My favorite super hero? I faithfully watched “Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” when it aired. There was something about Dean Cain who played a smart and sweet Clark Kent that made me fall in love with him just as Lois Lane  did. Cain wasn’t hard on the eyes in the Superman suit either. The following scene solidified that Superman is and always will be my favorite super hero.

“Scarecrow and Mrs. King” was a show my roommate got me hooked on. She had VHS tapes of the show, and while it took a while, the show grew on me. This video is of one of my favorite episode “Stemwinder”. In many ways, I consider this show a precursor which paved the way for the X-Files.

I also am a bit of a prankster to those who know me well, with a good, but warped sense of humor. Here’s a little humorous X-Files video that I enjoy and think other Philes will appreciate too!

And of course, I am a huge shipper as well. So, of course I wanted to add a little something for my fellow shippers out there! This video is by tamalou86 who has made some great stuff. I recommend checking her other works out too.

As a fan of the later seasons as well as the earlier stuff, I enjoyed this video featuring some of the later shipper moments between Mulder and Scully. Not to mention, I like the song by Pink too!

For my last video, here is a great video by one of my favorite video makers, snakey973, filled with enough shippy moments to make my shipper heart explode!

Still haven’t had enough of Agent Summer? Feel free to stop over at my blog for my take on episodes, more behinds the scenes stuff, and a little more about me. Thanks for stopping by!


One response

  1. Anonymous

    That singalong was fun! The singer knows her X-files.

    September 17, 2012 at 8:12 PM

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