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Myst The Book of AtrusThe Book of Atrus [I]



Myst The Book of Ti'ana

The Book of Ti’ana [II]



Myst The Book of D'ni

The Book of D’ni [III]



Agent Shadow:

“Missing Persons is a great and underrated band. They are excellent musicians and at least 2 of them

(Patrick O’Hearn-Bass guitar and Chuck Wilde-Keyboards) are now musicians for my favorite genre of music – Ambient.

Patricks music can be found under his own name, where Chuck Wildes’ “band” (1 man band) is called Liquid Mind.

Agent Shadow:

Rush is comprised of  maybe the best 3 musicians in rock history (ask any unbiased musician).

All 3 members (yes this is a 3 man band) are virtuosos.  The drummer, Neil Peart is without a doubt the best drummer ever,

Geddy Lee is (in my opinion) the best bassist and Alex Lifeson is incredibly underrated and a true master.

I hope you enjoy this video (one of the more commercial songs they do).

Probably my favorite ambient artist, Vidna Obmana’s music has a signature sound to it, as do the other artists I mentioned earlier, Patrick O’Hearn and Liquid Mind. Vidna’s music is closer to Liquid Mind, but still very different.

This was sent to me by Agent M…


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