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X-Files Truth Agents Bio Page

Agent Shadow While channel surfing, Agent Shadow heard the music of Mark Snow and was instantly hooked on the X-Files. As a fan of conspiracy and cover-ups, his favorite episodes are those featuring the mythology. His favorite characters besides Mulder are informants X and Deep Throat. Prior to “The X-Files Truth” Podcast, Agent Shadow appeared on “Reopening the X-Files”, and also hosts two other podcasts, “Agent Shadow’s Field Reports” and “Snow TraX”. Follow Agent Shadow’s Blog. If you enjoy Agent Shadow’s work, please stop by his tribute page (Created by his fellow agents) and leave a comment.

Agent Chelsea As a immense shipper, Agent Chelsea was drawn to the X-Files because of the chemistry and subtle romance between Mulder and Scully. A fan of Dana Scully, she appreciates the uniqueness of the X-Files, as it brought so many groundbreaking new things to television. She lists her favorite episode as “Triangle” from the show’s sixth season. Before joining the “X-Files Truth” team, Chelsea appeared on “Re-Opening the X-Files”. Follow Agent Chelsea on Twitter, Facebook, or reach her by e-mail.
Agent Stone Agent Stone was originally turned on to the X-Files by his mother after she watched the pilot episode. A casual watcher the first season and a half, Stone became a full-fledged X-Phile by the end of season 2 (as high school neared an end). He joined the original X-Files fan club in 1996 and still has his membership badge, mailers, and fan club newsletters! Has been a self-professed X-File fanatic ever since and his collection of memorabilia includes DVD’s, CD’s, books, magazines, toys, posters, t-shirts and tons more. This is Agent Stone’s first X-Files podcast.
Agent Summer After seeing “Fight the Future”, Agent Summer turned from casual viewer to a dedicated Phile. As a darkside shipper, she enjoys the unresolved attraction between Mulder and Scully, and later in the series that of Doggett and Reyes. Agent Summer admires both Scully and Reyes, but identifies her own personality with the flawed and quirky Reyes. Before joining “The X-Files Truth” podcast, Agent Summer was part of the Reyes fan chat on “X-Phile on X-Files”, and is currently on special assignment. Agent Summer is on Facebook, can be contacted by e-mail, and also has a Blog.
Agent M Getting his start behind the scenes of the X-Files Truth, Agent M contributes a lot sound clips heard throughout the show, and is now assisting on air while other agents are out on assignment . A long time fan of the X-Files, Agent M was introduced to the show by his best friend. After a Friday night viewing of “The Host”, he was hooked! Growing up in a musical family, Agent M has a special appreciation for the musical score in each episode. In addition to Mulder and Scully, Agent M lists his other favorites as Skinner and Deep Throat. Personally, Agent M identifies with Agent Mulder’s belief we are not alone in the universe & the motto of “I want to Believe”. Agent M is on Facebook and can also be contacted by e-mail.
Agent Angela is a life-long X-Phile who’s spent years gathering ideas from the show’s themes, mythology, dealings with the unexplained, and the epic relationship between Mulder and Scully. She likens herself to Agent Leyla Harrison gathering and committing to memory details of Mulder and Scully’s adventures from their expense reports that came through the FBI accounting office. And yes, she does admit she shares some of Agent Harrison’s enthusiastic personality. Outside of the podcast, she’s a fledgling X-Files vidder, loves horror movies, and enjoys traveling & exploring famous haunted locations. Agent Angela can be reached at facebook.com/AngelaF1013. She also helms the X-Files Truth Twitter page: @XFiles_Truth.

3 responses

  1. Agent Stone

    This website is so professional. Great job and major props. It looks so good and the time and effort really shows. Can’t wait for the interview.

    February 2, 2012 at 8:40 PM

  2. I was rewatching seoasn 2 episodes earlier this week and I JUST noticed that the first man killed by the shapeshifter was watching X-Files when he met his untimely death. I think that’s the crossover they were rumoring about back then. IMO, it’s not likely they’ll bring in TXF characters for an episode; for one, Gillian Anderson lives in the UK now and has already created a sort of different career path for herself. Well, I guess unless some people from Fringe and TXF are really, really good friends, they can do that for fun. Save for some episodes that were touted as homage to The X-Files, FRINGE really is a different show. I get frustrated sometimes when I read tweets of people hating on Fringe for trying to be the new X-Files. They didn’t even bother to watch. Well, that’s one passionate fandom, what else can I say.

    April 27, 2012 at 3:03 AM

  3. I was wondering about the same thing, ovisoubly this is about 3 years after your original speculation So if this was something The Fringe Producers were trying to do, then it must have been the character of Agent Jessup, she may have been created to fill a hole written for Mulder or Skully.Now that we are in the 4th season, and there is a top secret 19th episode I’m wondering if they are gonna pull out the stops and put Mulder and Skully in a Fringe Ep?The thing I love about Alternate Universes, is that ANYthing is possible. And Fringe has blatantly touted itself as the successor to The Old X-Designation I do not think this is Hubris I think it is Cool. There SHOULD be a Fringe/X-Files x-over.

    April 27, 2012 at 11:52 AM

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